House moving companies near me  

It is widely known that if anyone decides to move to a new house, anxiety and uneasiness show up. You’re worried about moving your furniture and belongings, and you feel it is a really tiresome job to do.

House moving companies near me  

It is widely known that if anyone decides to move to a new house, anxiety and uneasiness show up. You’re worried about moving your furniture and belongings, and you feel it is a really tiresome job to do. Don’t get overwhelmed; London Moving Company is here to help. We have all the expertise needed in house removals.


Home moving companies

If you use any search engine to find “house removals near me” or “furniture removals near me”, you will find a lot of options that you still need to compare. We’ve summarised the options for you and come up with a result, and it is that London Moving Company is the best move house company.



House moving companies near me  

What does our house removals service include?

  • Managing the entire process, from packing at your old home to unpacking at your new one.

  • We have the option of our house removal calculator that offers you an estimated price before contacting us, and it is totally free.
  • Our company insures your belongings during all steps.
  • We are a certified company as we have years and years of experience in house removals.
  • We have an array of other services such as surveying and storing items depending on your needs.
  • We offer our services whether you are in London or any other part of the UK.


Hire the right small removals near me

London Moving Services offers a special service in the field of house removals, which is small removals. Part loads are small scale moves. You can simply transport one room or just a few items that are partly loaded. Our professional staff will gladly help you pack your valuables and arrange the transport without stressing over the process. This service is always at a lower cost with the same excellent service as a full removal.


Local removals near me

Our branches in London and in all UK cities offer local house removals as well as international removals. With our expert team members that can make the process smooth and organised, you feel that if you have to move again, you will not ever think twice about moving.


Old London removals

Throughout the years, we have been working on training our staff. Our staff, from packers, drivers, and movers to cleaners, own the best expertise there is. You can simply rely on us to finish the whole process of moving. We can do it alone while you enjoy your cup of tea. You can check our website for more details about the process. We understand that not everyone has the same needs. That’s why we can provide trustworthy staff that can make the move as easy as a piece of cake. People do not move their houses everyday, and so a good decision needs to be made about getting the job done in the best possible way.


Furniture moving services near me

We offer state of the art all-in-one removal service that includes:

  • Removal and storage:

Our team of packers can do all the disassembly, packing, transporting, and loading of all belongings including furniture and small items. We also provide storage, both long and short term if needed.


  • International moving

If you are planning to move outside the UK to any European city, we can also do the job. A quote will be sent to you following a video survey.


  • Office removals

We also offer commercial removal services.We can deal with removal of any office equipment or furniture with maximum care.


  • Packing boxes

We provide packing supplies and that can be reliable to hold your items. Our team will deliver the amount of boxes needed for your belongings.


House relocation companies

As one of the leading house relocation companies that offer house relocation services, we assure you that moving your house doesn’t have to be stressful. That's because we offer customised moving services and we have a lot of advantageous benefits:

  • Safe handling of your furniture is guaranteed
  • Assembly of furniture as well as disassembly is provided.
  • Full liability insurance is given.
  • Excellent packing service.


Customised moving services

We offer a service that is both fast and insured. We promise an unforgettable experience. We have been working in this field long enough to provide the best service in town. We offer customised moving services such as:

  •  Video survey to assess the situation before the big move.
  • Online booking with clear pricing.
  • Our team specialises in moving all types of luggage.
  • We own the latest equipment and vans needed for moving.
  • We provide a flexible schedule so that you can choose the best time for your move.


How to arrange your house removal?

If you are asking around about home removals near me, moving companies near me, or household removals near me, then you’ve arrived at the right place. It is very easy to arrange for a house removal by calling our numbers or filling out the online application. We will ask about a few things, such as the type of house ( if it’s an apartment or villa), and the number of rooms. This will facilitate the free process of giving you a quote before scheduling an appointment. If your house is a large one with more than 3 bedrooms, we can organise a free surveyor to assess and give you an exact quotation. You can also use the option of the video survey, which can make the process faster.


Moving house transport

Our main goal is to help you move anything anywhere, take care of your belongings and valuable items, make sure that all furniture and equipment is not even scratched, help you pack your large items as well as delicate items, pack, load, unload, and unpack every single piece. We can even help with storage and cleaning. House moving service near me is the best house removals service in London.

    London Moving Services is a leading company in the field of house removals. If you are fearful of your next step regarding moving your house or office, you can simply give us a call or use our website to schedule. We offer competitive prices for an incomparable service.



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